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"More sinister than these irritations and indignities is the creeping privatisation of the British public realm: so argues Anna Minton in this admirable but troubling book."
London Review Of Books
"[A] timely and powerful study... a persuasive case, methodically built... revelatory."
The Observer

"Anna Minton has done us a service with this book... lively and compelling... thought provoking... I recommend it."

Hugh Pearman, The Sunday Times
"If you care about London and its future, you need to read this book."
Book of the week, Timeout
"Zealously researched."
The Guardian
"Minton's a brilliant journalist... She excells at reportage... A vital book."
The Daily Telegraph
"Compelling... raise[s] important questions about the meaning of liberty in contemporary society and what we are prepared to defend today."
The Times
"A wonderful, timely analysis."

"A sustained, informed, articulate, timely work of rage ... [Anna Minton] has put her finger on one of the most profound and disturbing shifts in modern British cities."

Book of the Week, Rowan Moore, Evening Standard
"Ground Control is a book that needs to be read."
New Statesman
"An important book"
Blueprint Magazine
"A toxic combination of government policies and private greed... she is certainly on the money when she looks at the way government policies, working in concert with private developers, have created an artificial shortage of housing and a retreat into gated communities."
The Sunday Herald
'[This] antidote to the why oh why-isms of the Daily Mail... Minton's scope is impressive."
The Big Issue in the North