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Anna Minton is a writer and journalist. She spent a decade in journalism, including a stint as a corporate reporter on the Financial Times, and is the winner of five international journalism awards. Finding daily journalism frustrating she began to focus on longer projects for think tanks and policy organizations and is the author of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's Viewpoint on fear and distrust.
Ground Control emerged from a series of agenda setting reports, two of which were published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the other by the think tank Demos. The first focused on gated communities and ghettoes in the US, questioning to what extent these trends are emerging in the UK. The second looked at polarization and culture in one British city, Newcastle, and the third investigated the growing privatisation of public space.
She appears regularly on television and radio and is a frequent conference speaker, invited to speak to a wide range of audiences, from art biennials to policemen. Ground Control is her first book. She lives in South London with her partner, who is a filmmaker, and her son.