The new edition of Ground Control, with a new chapter on the true Olympic legacy, was published in 2012.

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20.3.15 ‘London –Reading the Neo Liberal City’, starts September at UEL    
24.2.15 6.45 pm: No gates in Stokescroft! An Alternative to Corporate Gentrification with Anna Minton, City Road Baptist Church, Stokescroft, Bristol    
5.3.15: UEL Docklands Campus Public Lecture on Gentrification & Social Justice    

19.3.15 6.30pm: Launch Green Party Housing report, Magdalen College, Oxford, with Danny Dorling & Keith Taylor MEP

22.3.15 4 pm: Changing Britain Festival, SouthBank Centre    
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· 'Scaring The Living Daylights Out Of People', new report on lobbying, conflicts of interest and abuses in planning is published by Spinwatch.
Download pdf.
· ‘Fortress Britain’, new report on the impact of security on fear and trust, is published by the New Economics Foundation.  
b   "Admirable"  
  London Review Of Books  
· Anna appears on Radio Four's Four Thought.   "Revelatory."  
    The Observer  
    "A wonderful, timely analysis."  
    Financial Times  


ve national journalism awards. After a decade in journalism, including a stint on The Financial Times, she began to focus on longer projects for think tanks and policy organisations. She is the author of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's Viewpoint on fear and distrust, a member of the writers' panel for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and an associate of the consultancy, The Placeteam. She is a frequent conference speaker and is invited to speak to a wide range of audiences, from art Bienales to policemen. She appears regularly on television and radio and is a contributor to The Guardian. The idea for 'Ground Control' emerged from a series of three agenda setting reports. The first focused on gated communities and ghettoes in the US, questioning to what extent these trends are emerging in the UK. The second, 'Northern Soul', looked at polarisation and culture in one British city, Newcastle, and the third, 'What kind of World Are We Building?' investigated the growing privatisation of public space. 'Ground Control will be published by Penguin Press on June 25th 2009