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Big Capital Reviews

"A studied, sustained attack on a market that has been mishandled by successive governments for 40 years, not because politicians have been unable to remedy it but because it has been expedient not to. It makes for painful - yet compelling - reading"

Nathan Brooker, Financial Times

"Diligent and determined ... Eye-opening ... Minton builds a powerful case ... A call to imagine what is politically possible"

Richard Godwin, Evening Standard

"Essential reading .... As attempts to address the crisis are still inadequate - indeed, some government policies are making it worse - and as it shows little sign of improving in the near future, the facts of this human catastrophe can't be stated too much or too strongly. The first achievement of Anna Minton's book Big Capital is to do just that" 

Rowan Moore, Observer

"Powerfully written ... It's hard not to come away with a fresh sense of outrage"

Matthew Partridge, Moneyweek

"Cutting through the jargon and spin [Minton] argues that housing is a human right, not purely a financial asset, and offers clear-sighted solutions"

Antonia Charlesworth, Big Issue

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