22 May 2019

Women, homelessness, trauma and resistance

By Alberto Duman Anna Minton Dan Hancox Malcolm James

Regeneration Songs is about how places are turned into simple stories for packaged investment opportunities, how people living in those places relate to those stories, and ho...

21 May 2019

Women, homelessness, trauma and resistance

Bekki Perriman

Laura E. Fischer, Andrea Gibbons, Janna Graham, Pippa Hockton, Anna Minton, Mary Paterson, Moyra Peralta, Lisa Raftery, Shiri Shalmy and Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Doorways is an expansive, layered and self-reflexi...

6 Apr 2016

CITY 20 (2).

With Michela Pace and Henrietta Williams.

Published by Taylor & Francis ( Spring 2016)

View the publication

6 Apr 2016

CITY 20 (2) Special Feature. 

Co-edited with Paul Watt.

Published by Taylor & Francis ( Spring 2016)

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1 Apr 2013

View the report here

This report focuses on the role of the public interest and public good in planning and in public life more widely, questioning whether this concept still has relevance and outlining how the public interest can be revived through a focus on the impor...

1 Feb 2013

This project investigates the influence of lobbying and PR on planning and local democracy, by examining decisions made by local authorities.


Published by lobbying transparency organisation 'SpinWatch' in February 2013.


View the PDF report here

8 Jan 2013

This report, published by the new economics foundation, focuses on the growing impact of high security, and in particular ‘Secured by Design’ policies, on the way we live. It includes new research, carried out in collaboration with the Peabody Trust and photography by...

11 Jun 2009

The idea for 'Ground Control' emerged from a series of three reports, comparing trends towards gated communities and ghettoes in the US and UK, looking at polarisation and cultural regeneration in Newcastle and investigating the privatisation of public space.



1 Mar 2005

See the report here


In 2004, Shelter commissioned a national investigation into the housing crisis. Our aim was to look beyond the media obsession with house prices and home improvement to the one million children suffering in bad housing.

A 10-strong panel of experts -...

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