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Architecture and Culture, Volume 10, Issue 2, 2022

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UCL, Oxford Brookes University, Cardiff University, University of East London. 2022

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Urban Geography, Volume 43, 2022, Issue 6

Towards a spatial social policy.jpeg

Chapter in Book

The Place of Housing in Modern Life

in (eds Whitworth, A), Bridging the Gap between Geography and Social Policy: Towards a spatial social policy. Policy Press. (2019)

Doorways whose city is it anyway?

Chapter in Book

Whose city is it anyway? The cleaning out of city spaces

in (eds Perriman, B). Doorways: Woman, Homelessness, Trauma and Resistance. House Sparrow Press. (2019)

City magasine


London’s Housing Crisis and its Activisms

City 20 (2) Special Feature, Minton, A & Watt, P. (2016) 

The Housing Crisis


The Housing Crisis: A Visual Essay

City 20 (2) Special Feature, Minton, A, Pace, M & Williams H. (2016)

City magasine 20

Edited Journal

London’s Housing Crisis and its Activisms

CITY 20 (2), Co-editor. Special Feature on the housing crisis. (2016)

anna minton report

Authored Report

Common Good(s): Redefining the public interest and the common good

How To Work Together, a collaboration by the Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire. (2013)

Fortress Britain report

Authored Report

Fortress Britain: High security, insecurity & the challenge of preventing harm

The New Economics Foundation. (2013)

Scaring the living daylights out of people

Authored Report

Scaring the living daylights out of people:

The local lobby and the failure of democracy. SpinWatch. (2013)

Privitisation of public space

Authored Report

What Kind of World are we Building? The privatisation of public space

RICS. (2006)

Generation squalor

Authored Report

Generation Squalor, National Inquiry into the Housing Crisis

Shelter. (2005)

Northern soul RICS report

Authored Report

Northern Soul

Culture, creativity and quality of place in Newcastle & Gateshead. RICS & Demos. (2003)

building balanced communities report

Authored Report

Building Balanced Communities: The US and UK Compared

RICS. (2002)

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