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MRes 'Reading the Neo Liberal City' starts September 2016 at UEL

Applications for the University of East London’s MRes “Reading the Neoliberal City” are now being accepted. The course, which critiques the impact of capitalist neoliberalism on development, is based at UEL’s Dockland’s campus ‐ a pioneer area for neoliberal models of development and a key site for study for the course.

The programme will examine neoliberal policies over the last 30years, investigating their effect on urban layout, propertymarkets, architectural form and social justice. Topics for studyinclude the privatisation, financialisation and polarisation ofcities and the consequences for trust, fear and citizenship.

The course addresses the politics of the city and the relationship between architecture and neoliberal forms of control – asking the question ‘Who is the city for?’ While the course is located within UEL’s architecture school, we welcome applicants from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Equivalent to the first year of a PhD, the course is led by Doug Spencer and Anna Minton, and has two key components. Spencer’s modules focus on critical writing about the city, while Minton’s investigate contemporary policy and politics. These include the privatisation of public space, and the politics of housing and urban policy. Students also write their own thesis.

The course is full or part time and will begin in September. Successful completion of the course will be equivalent to the first year of a PhD and it is envisaged that some students maywish to continue onto a PhD.

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Dr Doug Spencer:

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