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Solid Foundations? Economic Inequality and the Housing Crisis


16 June 2017

Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin 3


Inequality and what to do about it is very much on the political agenda. The annual conference of TASC-FEPS (Foundation for Progressive European Studies) is a recognised international forum for progressive thinkers, activists, academics and policy makers to discuss key social issues.

Previous speakers at the TASC-FEPS annual conference include Thomas Piketty (2014), Sir Anthony Atkinson (2015) and James Galbraith (2011).

The 2017 conference has as its theme the relationship between economic inequality and the housing crisis. This is also the focus of this year's economic inequality report, Cherishing All Equally, which will be launched at the conference.

Solid Foundations? is the must-attend conference in 2017 for anyone concerned with economic inequality.

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