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Honoured to have contributed a chapter to Doorways: Women, homelessness, trauma and resistance

Women, homelessness, trauma and resistance

Bekki Perriman

with Laura E. Fischer, Andrea Gibbons, Janna Graham, Pippa Hockton, Anna Minton, Mary Paterson, Moyra Peralta, Lisa Raftery, Shiri Shalmy and Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Doorways is an expansive, layered and self-reflexive anthology exploring the personal stories of one of society’s most marginalised groups – women experiencing street homelessness. Growing out of the extreme personal experience that informed the sound and photographic works of artist Bekki Perriman’s The Doorways Project, ​Doorways ​combines personal testimonies with new essays and commentary by renowned academics, activists, journalists, therapists and practitioners, exploring the cultural, social and political dimensions of homelessness, as well as the role of artists and institutions in challenging it.

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